NC-67: Revana vs Jane (scissors domination)

In the beginning of this scissors-only verbal-submissions-only match, both Jane (stats) and Revana (stats) assert that their legs are stronger than their opponent’s, and decide to find out who is right.

Turns out, it’s not even a contest, as Jane completely womanhandles her opponent between her powerful dancer legs, making Revana cry out “I submit!” again and again, round after round, sometimes not letting go until she’s heard it multiple times. A series of beautiful tight front, reverse, figure-4 and reverse figure-4 headscissors leaves no doubt as to who has the stronger legs between the competitors. Jane caps her incredibly dominant performance by treading on Revana’s chest and announcing that she indeed has the stronger legs.

NC-67 is a must-see title for F/F wrestling domination fans, as well as those who follow Revana or Jane’s journey at Fight Pulse.

Note: there are no interviews in this video.

Match outline: short prologue, the match itself (24 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest).

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7 years 2 months ago

This is a must have for any fan of fem vs fem one-sided fights. Jane puts poor Revana in pretty much every scissor hold there is. Her sexy, strong legs dish out brutal punishment on her hapless opponent. The smirk on Jane’s face, as she squeezes Revana into submission after submission, is priceless. This beauty is obviously enjoying the total control she has over her victim. Barely showing any effort, she demolishes Revana. And lots of times she just won’t let go and keeps squeezing, even after Revana’s submission. Great HD video quality, with perfect camera angles. Lots of wide… Read more »