NC-76: Sasha vs Luke (smother rules)

In NC-76, our talented newcomer, Sasha (stats), who, despite being new to Fight Pulse, has gained a significant number of fans already, takes on another male opponent in a spectacular smother-submissions-only mixed wrestling match.

As you might already know, Sasha enjoys the facesitting move. She thinks a facesit is the hold of ultimate domination. This is why, despite this being Sasha’s first smother-rules match, she delivers. A record number of front and reverse facesit submissions, as well as breast-smothering and belly-smothering submissions will delight all fans of this ruleset.

If you are a fan of the facesit submissions in one-sided mixed wrestling matches, NC-76 is for you, since it is one of our best titles in this genre!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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Profile photo of mwd77
4 years 2 months ago

The petite and sexy Sasha does an outstanding job of smothering Luke in this video! It is a non-competitive matchup, so of course Luke is not trying to win the match, but that does not mean there is not some great action to see in this video. Sasha repeatedly pins Luke down and smothers him into submission, using a variety of nice smother holds to defeat and dominate her male opponent. Among the holds that she uses to smother him are two of my favorite smother holds, face sitting and breast smothering, which Sasha uses very well, to nicely and… Read more »