NC-72: Jane vs Andreas (smother rules)

In her first 1-on-1 smother-submissions-only mixed wrestling match, the current Queen of the lightweight division, Jane (stats), is pitted against Andreas (stats).

Straddling her male opponent, immobilizing and smothering him come easy to Jane, as she dominates this mixed wrestling match from beginning to end. Andreas puts up a fight, but Jane is ferocious in her attacks, as always, and ends up on top in almost every exchange, either straddling her opponent’s face heavily until he taps, or pinning his head between the mats and her boobs, leaving him breathless, being forced to submit.

Jane is becoming a master of physical dominance. She improvises in this match, coming up with several of her own submissions, which include side-facesit submissions, a front-headscissors smother, and a very unusual calf smother submission, a photo which you can find in the gallery below.

As Jane is forcing Andreas to tap again and again in humiliating smother holds, getting into dominant mood and taunting him verbally, she starts to forget about rounds. This is neither rehearsed, nor agreed upon. As you can see reading the taglist below, this release has an onslaught tag, even though this is not an onslaught match in its entirety. What happens is, Jane simply stops letting Andreas up after some of the submissions and continues to force him to tap in different positions. These submissions are not counted towards the score, since Andreas does not get the chance to restart from his knees. Jane basically controls the match as she desires.

“Who is the winner?” Jane asks her opponent several times throughout the match, up until the answer is completely obvious, as she is standing above her exhausted and defeated victim, with one foot planted on his face.

Fans of facesitting and breast-smothering, as well as those who enjoy seeing the female completely womanhandle her male opponent in a mixed wrestling match via humiliating holds, leaving him literally breathless, will love this title!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (tight sgpin bicep flex, foot on chest, then foot on face).

Note: It feels good to be back after a 2-week break! Hope we were missed! Please check our updated Upcoming Releases page to see our planed releases for Spring.

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