NC-80: Sasha vs Marek (“Who’s Weak Now?”)

We were filming a short interview with Akela about her 2017 lightweight championship plans when we heard a thud on the mats. The picture we saw there was definitely a sign to keep filming. Sasha (stats) was standing over the prostrate Marek (stats), stepping heavily on his face, holding him down on the mats. The cameraman approached to ask what was happening, and Sasha said that during a discussion Marek called her a weak small girl which sparked a fight, and pretty soon Sasha had Marek pinned underfoot. Sasha then turned to Marek and asked him “who is weak now?” This was only a start of a long onslaught-style mixed wrestling match that we are excited to present to you.

Humiliation is Sasha’s revenge. She treads on her opponent’s face, steps on his throat and chokes him to submission, sits on his face and smothers him with her crotch until he taps. Marek is given little to no break as Sasha makes him submit again and again to the same holds often without releasing him. Sasha’s dominance is absolute and she seems to enjoy every bit of it. This is the most dominant we have ever seen her. Before she is finished with him, Sasha steps heavily on his throat one more time, and asks again “who’s weak now?”, this time demanding an answer, which she of course gets.

In regards to facesitting submissions and foot domination in mixed wrestling, NC-80 is one of our best titles. If you are a fan of female domination in the context of wrestling, you will love this match!

Match outline: the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (full-weight trampling, then foot on face).

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