NC-84: Miesha vs Luke

In this semi-competitive mixed wrestling match, our talented newcomer, Miesha (stats), is pitted against Luke (stats). As with Luke’s previous release, this was supposed to be a real competitive match, and it was held like that. We are labeling this semi-comp since we are not convinced Luke tried his best all of the time. That being said, we are excited about this release, since Miesha puts her new knowledge of pins & submissions style to good use to score against Luke, incorporating her own grappling transitions and interesting pins / submissions.

As any well-skilled BJJ athlete, Miesha’s transition to pins & submissions style resulted in some very original pins & submissions, including back-straddle full-nelson submissions, sgpin-double-armlock and back-straddle single arm stretch submissions, as well as interesting knee-on-belly pins. Moreover, Miesha also uses some great transitions to set up pindowns and headscissor holds.

NC-84 features Miesha in her most dominant performance at Fight Pulse to date. With a beautiful display of grappling skills, as well as raw power and aggression, Miesha scores a record amount of points, over 30, within 20 minutes of action! If you are a fan of one-sided mixed wrestling, you will love NC-84!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (foot on throat), concluding interviews.

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