NC-94: Zoe vs Akela

In this custom-request scripted female wrestling match, long-time rivals, Zoe (stats) and Akela (stats) face each other in a submissions-only chokes-allowed battle.

While Akela has some success in the beginning, trapping Zoe in submission holds and not letting go even after she taps, Zoe soon takes control of the match, and womanhandles Akela in a one-sided controlled domination.

Zoe enjoys her dominance with lengthy choke holds leading to multiple knockouts, ignoring taps, verbal taunting and a wide variety of submissions holds including scissorholds, camel clutch, surfboard stretch, boston crab and even a body triangle submission. Some of these holds, especially those held for a period of time after a submission are very punishing – take a look at the figure-4 applied by Zoe at about 14 minute mark. As always, for a full list of holds used in this video, please see the tag list below the release text.

If you are a fan of Akela or Zoe, or you enjoy one-sided female domination in an F/F match, NC-94 is for you!

Match outline: the match itself (16 minutes), victory pose (foot on stomach, then foot on neck).

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