Staredown between Akela vs Zoe before the final match of first lightweight championship

FW-21: Akela vs Zoe (championship FINAL)

FW-21 is the third and final match of our first championship between lightweight wrestlers held on 11th of November, 2015, as announced and detailed in this blog post. The winner of this match is crowned the lightweight champion of Fight Pulse, first ever. The two elimination matches leading to this fight are FW-19: Akela vs Katniss and FW-20: Revana vs Zoe.

Akela vs Zoe is as close a match-up physically as there can be. Both wrestlers are 5′ 8″ tall (172 cm) and reported to be 132 lb (60 kg) on the day of the championship. Moreover, they are both 25 years of age, with only 4 months between them. That being said, based on our observation, Zoe has an advantage in upper-body strength, while Akela has the edge when it comes to lower-body power. They both have strong abs that do not easily yield to bodyscissors. Both Akela and Zoe displayed great ability in the elimination matches, dominating their opponents. They both witnessed each other wrestling and have learned from it.

The emotions are running high. All the hype and talk about the championship have led them to a point where they are both determined to win no matter what. What ensues is a fierce fight, a true battle of wills, where only one emerges victorious. You witness how real it is, when after the match is over, you see the winner swallowing her tears as they want to roll-up on her eyes, raising the trophy in her hand, while saying: “This was important.”

As with the previous two releases of the lightweight championship, we will leave the details out for now, and let you discover the beauty of this true female combat for yourself. We will however say that there is no holding back here. Both wrestlers go as hard as they can. Both Akela and Zoe display lots of heart, which is made clear by the fact that they both survive several torturous scissor holds at different points in the match. The match is very fast and intense, and both Akela and Zoe are aggressive in their attacks and dynamic in their defenses. It is in fact so intense that, in order to avoid injuries, which we were able to do, luckily, we had to referee the match more closely than we usually do. We had to stop the young women several times and ask them to restart in the centre of the mats from the same position, due to the action being so fast, that they kept falling off the mats onto the wooden floor; we had to remind them time and time again not to choke each other (rear naked chokes are prohibited by Fight Pulse rues); we had to remind them to not stand up to gain leverage; we had to restart a round once due to wrestlers being trapped in mutual holds. Another thing that we would like to let you know is that there is a short break 5 minutes before the end of the match, during which we made short interviews with both wrestlers, which are included in the video.

Akela vs Zoe is one of the best matches we have ever filmed, mixed or F/F. It is a true fight and a beautiful display of heart by two strong women, something that we at Fight Pulse revere strongly, and hope that you do too.

Video outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself, short interviews during the break, match continues, victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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