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NC-99: Sasha vs Viktor (domination rules)

This mixed wrestling match pits Sasha (stats) and our male newcomer, Viktor (stats), against each other in a domination-rules fight.

For the convenience of those who are not familiar with this ruleset, here’s what it constitutes: under the “domination rules” ruleset only facesitting pins or submissions, foot on face pins, and foot choke submissions are allowed and counted towards the score. The scoring system is as per normal Fight Pulse rules, however pindown positions and submissions are limited to the following holds:
– foot on face (pindown count)
– foot choke (submission)
– face in crotch (pindown count)
– crotch on face (smother submission – usually from facesitting and sometimes from reverse figure-4 scissors)

Despite being a whole foot shorter and at a 17 kg (37 lb) weight disadvantage, Sasha dominates Viktor handily, forcing her feet onto Viktor’s face as well as straddling her bigger opponent’s face for a facesit pin at will. All the pins are counted by Sasha herself. After almost each round, once the pin is scored, Sasha rubs it in by either pulling her male opponent’s hair, pushing his face away or nudging his head and body with her foot.

There are many well-executed front, reverse and side facesitting pins for facesit fans in this title. If you like trampling, then you will be delighted to know that there is a standing face-tread ten-count pin as well as multiple full-weight trampling pins (one foot on chest, another on face) in NC-99.

If you enjoy one-sided mixed wrestling where the female conquers the male via facesitting and foot domination, NC-99 is for you!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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Profile photo of There's Always A Bigger Butt
1 year 8 months ago

This is one of my favorite matches of Sasha’s. First of all, I didn’t think she was going to pulverize Viktor like he was a newbie. I actually thought Viktor had the advantage, but with every mistake he makes Sasha makes it worse for him. The constant holds he gets himself in just adds to Sasha’s dominance. She does well with pinning him down to the point Viktor himself becomes used to it. Her throwing her foot down to pin his foot is smart and takes a lot of skill. Definitely a great dominating performance by Sasha. I would like… Read more »