FW-118: Lia Labowe vs Ali Bordeaux (domination rules)

Have you ever seen a woman facesit another in a competitive match while shouting “USA?” This is your chance.

In our 6th and final match filmed with our famed guest during her December visit to Fight Pulse, the Queen of violence, Lia Labowe (stats) squares off against Ali (stats) in a real domination-rules match (foot on face pins, foot chokes, facesit pins and submissions only), the most painful encounter Ali has ever had at Fight Pulse by her own admission.

FW-118 is a display of how one woman can control and dominate another with facesitting and foot domination positions in spite of great resistance. Ali is a fighter at heart, and a dominant personality in real life. Because she doesn’t have skills yet to compete with good wrestlers, she loses every time, despite fighting her heart out. She never quits until the very end, and always takes her losses personally, which is why her matches are usually emotional. She has lost all of her competitive matches at Fight Pulse so far, two of the worst being the first two – being ruthlessly facesat by Zoe (stats) in FW-107, and then painfully dominated by Rage (stats) in one of the most popular onslaughts, FW-110, earlier this year. However, after this match Ali says this was her roughest experience at Fight Pulse so far.

Multiple facesit submissions, foot on face pins and foot chokes – Lia’s dominance over her smaller opponent is absolute and undeniable. Ali is trying her best to avoid and escape at all situations, but she doesn’t have an answers for Lia’s strength and experience. Lia even finds time to flex her biceps while keeping Ali immobilized underneath her a couple of times.

FW-118 is a must-see for fans of real, aggressive, one-sided female wrestling with a dominant winner.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (reverse facesit, then foot on face), concluding interviews.

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5 years 1 month ago

This match/video could be Lia Labowe’s best ever! She uses her strength and superior skill to completely take apart Ali. Ali is a novice but it’s clear she has fight and passion. She is just no match for Lia. For an equally sized opponent to say NO to a rematch is rare. This video shows that Lia is still one of the best female wrestlers out there. From her strength and skill to her trash talking and victory poses. Plus several interviews. This match truly shows how special Lia is. An absolute must see!!!