FW-117: Sheena vs Gloria

The rising star, Gloria (stats), squares off against the 2019 underground wrestling sensation, Sheena (stats), in this fast-paced, intense, competitive female wrestling match to remember!

This is our last match filmed with Sheena during her visit to Fight Pulse in November. Since our filming, the Hungarian Amazon has conquered the world, traveling and fighting overseas, establishing herself as one of the best wrestlers of the scene, and quite possibly the best.

Gloria is new to the game, but her rise at Fight Pulse has been remarkable. She has shown exceptional heart and determination early on, and great development later. This match was filmed during our second shoot with Gloria, when she has already shown development, and just had a big victory, but was still way behind where she stands now.

Sheena is obviously Gloria’s toughest opponent at Fight Pulse to date, possibly ever. Interestingly, Gloria is also Sheena’s hardest fight at Fight Pulse, by her own admission. She puts up a better fight against our famed guest than the previous 3 aggressive male fighters of Fight Pulse, Frank (stats), Viktor (stats) and Marek (stats), each of whom Sheena defeated in an impressive fashion. In the post-match interview Sheena says that the guys were subdued near the end of the matches and accepted her as the superior fighter, while Gloria fought her heart out until the very end, never quit despite being womanhandled round after round. Sheena adds, “that’s why women are the stronger sex.”

As expected, Sheena dominates the fight, pinning and submitting Gloria round after round, winning the match in an emphatic manner. Gloria has never been controlled and dominated like this before or after. She keeps pushing, fighting back, and has more moments of control against Sheena than anyone she has faced at Fight Pulse. Gloria even out-scrambles Sheena a couple of times, which is a feat on its own. Gloria later said that she has learned a lot from Sheena in this match.

But this is ultimately the Sheena show. She is a wonder to watch on the mats. If you have never seen a Sheena match, what the beastly athletic Hungarian powerhouse is capable of doing in combat, you are absolutely missing out. The way she controls and submits powerful, bigger women and men is astonishing.

This is a spectacular, dynamic, competitive female wrestling match with a dominant winner that all fans of real female wrestling should see!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), concluding interviews.

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