MX-148: Axa Jay vs Luke (handicap match)

First time ever at Fight Pulse, a woman fights a man in a real mixed wrestling match with her hands tied behind her back. Axa Jay (stats) is superior to Luke (stats) in every way when it comes to combat. She is way stronger, way more skilled and is a natural-born fighter. There’s absolutely no question that a normal competitive wrestling match between the two would see Axa in complete control, dominating Luke for however long the match lasts. But can Luke win when Axa is handicapped?

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Profile photo of McGirg
5 years 1 month ago

WOW – what a goddess and what a dumbass.
May suggest two short experimental clips?
#1: Put her in a hogtie on top of him and let us watch if he can free himself.
#2: Maybe she can free herself in the opposite way…