Viktoria on top pinning Steve's wrists down

MX-28: Viktoria vs Steve

Viktoria (5′ 10″, 148 lb) faces Steve (6′ 3″, 167 lb) in a competitive mixed wrestling match. As always, Viktoria’s arsenal of wrestling holds is something to wonder: headscissors, body triangles, schoolgirl pins, full-nelson, painful body-stretches, and more! She teases the brave but inexperienced Steve by putting her foot on his face several times during the match. At one point, while stuck in Viktoria’s bodyscissors, Steve turns to camera and says in desperation: “She’s so strong!”. A must see for fans of the beautiful Hungarian wrestler, as well as for those who love competitive intergender wrestling matches.

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Match outline: staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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8 years 9 months ago

I forgot to thank Zweig for this one. This video has every thing that I look for in a mixed wrestling match. Attire – 9/10 I’ve been asking to make videos with women in one piece swimsuits as there were in DWW. Finally he got me a one. Viktoria looks so athletic and professional in that suit. But still little bit in to the vacation side than athletes use for diving and swimming, So not 10/10. But it’s ok. Wrestlers – 8/10 Female wrestler he chose is awesome. one of my favorites. Attitude and the shape of the guy is… Read more »