Xena vs Mia - schoolgirl pin challenge

FW-50: Xena vs Mia – schoolgirl pin challenge

By popular demand the schoolgirl pin challenge is back! FW-50 is the fourth installment of this style succeeding FW-12 Xena vs Akela, FW-16 Katniss vs Revana and FW-23 Katniss vs Zoe.

FW-50, pitting Xena (stats) against Mia (stats) in a battle of pins, is our first interdivisional schoolgirl pin challenge, since Xena as a middleweight and sports a 44 lb (20 kg) weight advantage over Mia, who is a below-average-sized lightweight. Xena expresses in the introductory interview that her weight advantage will help her achieve victory. However, it turns out, things are more even than we expected. Mia’s incredible athleticism, flexibility and natural strength are on display in this video, as they almost cancel out Xena’s weight advantage. It is a marvel to watch Mia’s hard and eventually effective attempts, as she bridges and bends like a snake explosively, at dislodging a much larger opponent straddling her chest and neck time and time again. If you weren’t convinced of Mia’s talents after NC-41, you will be after watching FW-50.

Based on early poll results, our fans dismiss Mia’s chances in the upcoming lightweight tournament. FW-50 is a testament to her abilities and, while she is still a dark horse since we haven’t seen her compete in a competitive wrestling match against a fellow lightweight, we believe she has all the tools to be successful, and can’t be excited enough to see how she performs.

The outline of the challenge is the same as in the previous schoolgirl pin challenges. However, the person to start on top first is determined by a coin flip rather than arm wrestling this time. After the first pinner is determined the pin attempts start. Wrestlers take turn trying to pin each others’ shoulders down for 10 seconds within a 1-minute timespan designated for each pin type. The pins include, in the sequence they appear in the challenge:
– belly-sit with wrists pinned
– grapevine pin
– chest straddle pin with shins on arms
– chest straddle pin with arms trapped between thighs and calves
– neck straddle pin
– reverse schoolgirl pin
– tight schoolgirl pin with arms trapped and pinned above head
– cross-body pin
– the wrestler picks the last pin

As usual, there are 9 rounds, and a total of 18 pin attempts.

Match outline: introductory interviews, schoolgirl pin challenge (9 attempts each), final interviews.

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