FW-121: Ashley Wildcat vs Sasha

Dear fans, please welcome Ashley Wildcat (stats)! In her Fight Pulse debut Ashley showcases her wrestling prowess, crushing her opponent into submission, dominating her non-stop, in an onslaught-style competitive, F/F match, making a statement at the expense of Sasha (stats).

Sasha is getting better each time and can compete with some mid-ranked lightweights today, but she is no match for the American wrestler, who quickly takes control of the fight, making Sasha tap out almost at will, enjoying dominating her physically, manipulating and immobilizing her body, making her submit repeatedly, often multiple times to each hold. Ashley displays her arsenal of subjugation techniques on poor Sasha, taking her smaller opponent to her pain threshold many times throughout the onslaught and often keeping her there.

FW-121 showcases absolute physical dominance of one female over another. Ashley controls and subdues Sasha with full-nelson-bodyscissors combinations, double chicken wings, rib-crushing body triangles, tight armbars, excruciating, head-popping front, reverse, figure-4 and side headscissors, triangle chokes, heavy facesit smothering, breast smothering, foot chokes, schoolgirl pin, pubis choke and more pins and submissions, subjecting her to a wide array of wrestling holds, despite Sasha’s resistance at all times, while also verbally humiliating her. This is easily one of Sasha’s most painful experiences at Fight Pulse.

Ashley is often egged on by her close friend, Lia Labowe (stats), who is watching the encounter from the bench, enjoying seeing her friend’s complete dominance over her opponent, to do things to Sasha while controlling her. Not that she needs to be egged on. It is clear at some point that Ashley has determined to use Sasha, her first opponent at Fight Pulse, as a platform to stand on and shine, both literally and figuratively, and that she does with dedication.

Before the match, when asked what Ashley thinks about the onslaught style, she replies, “it’s awesome, and it’s mean.” And that’s exactly what you can expect from this match.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), concluding interviews.

Note: this is an unscheduled, “surprise” release, based on popular demand that we upload Ashley’s first match at Fight Pulse.

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