FW-123: Zoe vs Sasha II (pindown domination)

Zoe (stats) and Sasha (stats) square off in an unforgiving, competitive pindown domination match with humiliation segments, an absolute must-see for all fans of schoolgirl pins and facesitting in real female vs female combat!

This is a new style of video, called pindown domination, created as a result of a custom request, permitting schoolgirl pins up to 5 minutes long each. The match is real, unscripted. The basic ruleset is pindown-until-submission, but with straddle-pins only. And there’s a catch – once there’s a successful submission coming from a pin, be it through pubis choke, facesitting, jaw-grinding or else, the winner is granted the right to sit and pose on the loser for several minutes of humiliation, including heavy chest and neck straddles and facesitting.

Despite having improved a lot as a wrestler, Sasha is no match for the size, strength and experience of Zoe, who fights her way on top of Sasha each round, straddles her chest, neck or face, makes her smaller opponent submit, and stays sitting on top of her suffering victim for several minutes. Just like she says in the pre-match interview, Zoe clearly enjoys trapping and immobilizing her opponents underneath her, considering that she rarely, if ever, breaks eye contact with her prey during the humiliation segments as well as the victory pose.

The victory pose is an absolute must-see for fans of F/F facesitting, as Zoe heavily straddles Sasha’s grimacing face for a long time, making her groan and submit multiple times underneath her crotch, before she puts her foot on her face.

FW-123 is an absolute must-watch for all fans of one-sided fights with humiliation segments, where a bigger, stronger fighter humiliates a smaller, weaker opponent in a competitive setting!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (28 minutes), long victory pose (facesitting, then foot on face).

Preview photos:

NOTE: There’s an issue with the photoset (not the video). Due to a technical failure, we do not have the photos of the last 10 minutes of the match in the photoset, which is why its price is discounted.

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