Katniss vs Akela - the staredown

FW-19: Akela vs Katniss (championship match #1)

This is the first out of three matches of our first mini-championship between lightweight wrestlers held on 11th of November, 2015, as announced and detailed in this blog post. The winner of this match proceeds to the FINAL, to face the winner of the second elimination match (Revana vs Zoe, to be released on 21/Nov), in a fight for the title of first Fight Pulse lightweight champion.

Akela (5′ 8″, 132 lb; 172 cm, 60 kg; 25 y.o) first appeared at Fight Pulse in early 2015 and very soon became a fan favorite, thanks to her pinning ability, fighting spirit and determination in the face of adversity (deciding to finish FW-11, a match against a middleweight opponent, despite a sprained ankle). Unfortunately, she had to take a pause in her wrestling work due to health issues, during which we had constantly been in touch with her. We were thrilled to learn that she has successfully defeated health problems and is willing to step on the mats again. When she appeared at the door of the studio on 11th of November, we were amazed, since Akela looked fitter than ever – her abs are even more defined than before, and her thighs have clearly increased in size gaining muscle mass, looking extremely dangerous and intimidating. She had clearly not been wasting her time since the surgery. FW-19 is our first release with Akela since the month of May.

The fact that Akela in her return video is facing Katniss (and in an elimination context) makes the occasion even more exciting. Katniss (5′ 6″, 115 lb; 167 cm, 52 kg; 30 y.o) joined Fight Pulse soon after Akela stepped down, and in a way took her place, becoming the new lightweight fan favorite, thanks to her agility, extreme flexibility and ability to use her long legs to her advantage. During the past several months we desperately wanted to make this match happen in order to see, film and present to you, the clash of two lightweight stars, and to determine, who is better at submission wrestling. And finally it was possible. And as soon as we knew it is, we made it happen.

Katniss weighed 52 kg the day of the shoot, 2 kilos more than usual, while Akela weighed 60 kg, 2 kilos less than her former weight. Thus the weight difference between the opponents was decreased to 8 kg.

We will not disclose much about how the match went (which is why there is no preview video yet). However, we will say that it is a very competitive match, but there is a decisive winner. FW-19 is also a very emotional encounter for one of the wrestlers. But this part is left behind the camera, is not filmed, and you might not even notice the tension unless you pay attention to subtle details.

The polls for the championship are now closed, prior to this release, and you can see the results in the aforementioned blog post. If you are not yet subscribed to our updates, you may do so using the form on the right sidebar. Subscribed users get notified about our releases and other website updates via email.

Video outline: introduction to the championship and interviews with all contestants, staredown, the match itself (15 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews with Akela and Katniss.

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8 years 1 month ago

The fight was amazing, Katniss was having some good moments and made it fairly hard for Akela to get pins and submissions. She shining light at the end however was Akela. Although I was ponding on how much her time out due to the health issue might have affected her performance, she delivered a great display of skill and strength. A clean balance of 3 pins and 3 scissor submissions, defined her versatility in terms of getting on the board. This versatility was shown in more detail by the 3 different types of pins she performed. Her greatest asset in… Read more »