FW-33: Katniss vs Giselle

For those of you waiting for Giselle’s first wrestling match since her introduction to public in February – you should wait no longer! In her highly-anticipated (65%) Fight Pulse debut, Giselle (stats) is pitted against a more experienced lightweight, Katniss (stats)!

Giselle is very fast and strong. There is no doubt she is a promising wrestler. However, her lack of proper technique does not let her capitalize on her athleticism as much as she would like to. Giselle is a newcomer after all. But she is learning fast. You can actually see within this video the the progression of her skills. She learns with each round. In the post-match interview Giselle says that while she started slow, but she learned from her opponent as they were wrestling and was able to use the same movements and holds on her. This is a quality of a future star. FW-33 no doubt features a spectacular debut by the newcomer.

But will that attitude, backed by her athletic abilities, be enough for Giselle to defeat a more experienced opponent in Katniss? We will not disclose that. However, we will tell you that this was a very close match.

FW-33 is an intense fast-paced encounter between two females who are willing to do everything they can to win. Giselle, who is by nature a very competitive person, wants to win her debut match and get a chance to wrestle higher-ranked lightweight wrestlers, while Katniss hates the idea of losing to a newcomer, and wants to prove that we made a wrong choice and underestimated her by choosing her as a newcomer’s first opponent.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (16 minutes of action), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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