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FW-29: Zoe vs Katniss

In her first title defense, Zoe (stats) faces Katniss (stats), the only opponent that she did not wrestle in our November mini-championship.

The two lightweight wrestlers are somewhat aware of each other’s abilities since they have met before on the mats in a schoolgirl pin challenge match, FW-23. But now they have a chance to find our who the better wrestler is in a full-on competitive wrestling match.

Can Katniss muster up enough energy and aggression to fight on the same level as the more experienced and heavier lightweight champion? Or will this match be a walk in the park for Zoe? Find out today!

This match includes a very unusual and spectacular reverse headlock by Zoe, a photo of which you can see in the gallery below (photo #11).

Fans of Speedos and one-piece bathing suits in wrestling will be delighted to find out that that is exactly what the two wrestlers are wearing in this encounter.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (15 minutes of action), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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7 years 11 months ago

Wrestlers – 7/10 It\’s our light weight champion Zoe vs Katniss. Zoe has 8kg and 2 inches size advantage. Plus she is the champion. So obviously she is the favorite. From the 1st frame of the actual match video, where both wrestlers standing by side for the pre match interview, you can see Zoe is bigger and stronger looking wrestler among the two. But we all know it\’s just a one factor of many. I\’ve seen big muscular skilled and experienced wrestlers like Cheyenne get beaten by smaller girls like Maria. So selection of wrestlers is good. Attires – 10/10… Read more »

6 years 11 months ago

I buy this video because I really love female wrestling in swimsuits. It was great to see more of this kind.
And because of Zoe who is a true beauty. So I liked this match very well!!! Interviews with Zoe are cool, I do not like the like interviews with Katniss because of the need of translation.