FW-98: Jane vs Rage II

Finally! A lightweight championship match is here! Jane (stats) and Rage (stats) square off for the second time for the title of the best lightweight wrestler at Fight Pulse!

Since losing to Jane last year (FW-72), Rage has fought her way back to a title shot, coming in with a lot more experience than the last time. Jane is returning after a long break, but is in great form, as her previous match showed. Will she beat Rage for the second time to end the rivalry and defend her title? Does Rage have the tools to avoid or counter Jane’s lightning-speed attacks?


Jane is one of Fight Pulse’s star wrestlers, one of the most prolific fighters on the roster with over 30 matches under her belt. She has an impressive resume of victories over Akela (stats), Andreas (stats), Giselle (stats), Frank (stats), as well as Rage. Jane won the title of Fight Pulse lightweight champion in our 2016 championship to become the second ever crowned lightweight champion after Zoe (stats) (who moved up to middleweight and was stripped of the lightweight title). Despite being inactive for close to 9 months, Jane came back and scored an absolutely one-sided, dominant win over Luke (stats) (MX-121). However, Rage is not Luke.

During Jane’s absence Rage has amassed some impressive wins herself against tough competition, including victories over Akela (stats), Peter (stats) and Vanessa (stats). She has also taken the session world by storm (read the comments on her profile page), carrying out over 100 sessions in this time period. Rage has become physically stronger and more experienced as a result of training, videos and extensive session work.

Will Jane retain her title, or will Rage avenge her loss and become the new champion?

Both wrestlers are true fighters at heart, and this is why this match is an absolute must-see if you are a fan of real, intense female wrestling!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (flexing), concluding interviews, prologue after credits (3 minutes).

Preview photos:

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