FW-99: Giselle vs Sasha

If you are a fan of wipeouts, of one female dominating another in wrestling and humiliating her both physically and verbally, then you absolutely have to see this onslaught of Giselle (stats) on Sasha (stats)!

Giselle puts her smaller opponent onto her back from the get-go, and straddles her chest. Pain and humiliation rarely subside after. Giselle dominates and torments Sasha in various headscissors, full-nelsons, bodyscissors, tight schoolgirl pins, foot domination holds, facesitting, lotus lock, shoulder-locks and back-breaking holds for over 30 minutes, making Sasha grimace in pain, whimper and submit repeatedly, often trapped for lengthy periods of time in one hold.

Giselle caps off her dominant performance with a brutal, long, victory pose, in which she forces Sasha to say “You are my master, Giselle” while treading on her face.

If you want to see a strong, naturally dominant woman control, subdue, cause pain, and dominate a smaller female opponent, you will love FW-99!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (31 minutes), long victory pose (facesitting, then foot on face).

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