MX-145: Axa Jay vs Frank (scissors & smothers only)

Our famed guest, the formidable English warrioress, Axa Jay (stats), squares off against resilient, experienced male, Frank (stats), in this intense, competitive, submissions-only, mixed wrestling match.

MX-145 is an absolute must-see for all fans of Axa Jay, who enjoy watching her impose her will onto and physically control and subdue experienced male wrestlers. Axa Jay is a beast on the mats, and is only getting better each time we film. She is capable of subduing the majority of men among us. In order to put up a fight against her you have to be significantly bigger and stronger than her, like Steve (stats) in MX-128, and even he got bested by her after a rough fight.

Axa Jay vs Frank was never going to be even, and it never is. While Frank is good enough to make Axa sweat, he is ultimately controlled and crushed by Axa’s intensity, her raw power and insanely strong lower body, round after round, for 20 minutes. Here are some photos taken between rounds which display clearly how the match goes. In the last photo Frank is asking for a break:

After the match is over Axa performs a series of humiliating smother and scissor holds on her defeated, prostrate opponent, for over 6 minutes, before capping off her dominance by treading on his face.

MX-125 is an absolute must-see for fans of real intergender combat, where a capable male gets controlled, dominated and eventually humiliated by a more capable female.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), domination segment (6 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

Preview photos of the match:

Photos from the domination segment:

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