MX-68: Axa Jay vs Fernando

Our most anticipated title with the incredibly talented UK wrestler, Axa Jay (stats), filmed during her April visit to Fight Pulse, is here! In MX-68 she takes on our newcomer, Fernando (stats), in a competitive pins & submissions mixed wrestling match.

Fernando goes into this match with one victory in a competitive mixed wrestling match, something very few Fight Pulse male wrestlers can boast about. In the pre-match interview Fernando says that he believes this match will be a draw, implying that while he might not be skilled enough to submit Axa, he will defend against her attacks successfully with brute strength and instinct. Axa replies to this saying, “I think I’m going to kick his ass and show him who’s the boss!”.

What follows is a beatdown. Axa outwrestles, outsmarts and outpowers her way to victory over the surprised, clueless, and eventually exhausted young male, with considerable ease, displaying superb technique and putting on a grappling clinic. Holds that Axa makes Fernando submit with include head and body scissors, triangle chokes, gogoplata-style foot choke, and others. There are several pins as well, including a facesit-pin and a real facesit-smother submission. Fernando’s torture ends with a beautiful victory sequence that includes an assertive foot-on-face victory pose by the victorious female wrestler.

If you are a fan of one-sided mixed wrestling matches with the male competitor trying his best but losing round after round, you will enjoy this title. MX-68 is certainly among the best MX titles we have produced so far.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, foot on face), final interviews.

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