MX-176: Black Venus vs Andreas (humiliation finish)

Would you like to see a woman manhandle a grown man, despite his best efforts to fight back, dominate him thoroughly in a competitive setting, and humiliate him to top it off? Then you are on the right page.

In MX-176 Black Venus (stats) makes her highly-anticipated Fight Pulse debut, crushing local male wrestler, Andreas (stats), like few have ever done, in a high-stakes (humiliation finish) competitive mixed wrestling match! Usually, going into a mixed match the male has at least one advantage – weight, height, raw strength. Not here. Venus is not only bigger and infinitely more experienced in combat than Andreas, but she is also simply stronger than him, even in upper body.

Andreas tries his best to defend and survive Venus’s attacks, but he is thoroughly outclassed, subdued round after round, and eventually humiliated. Venus even lets him get on top of her at the beginning of one of the rounds, but he is soon swept and ends up underneath his female opponent again. This video has everything – pindowns, scissorholds, facesitting, ankle chokes, foot domination, and much more. The humiliation part of the video includes mostly onslaught-style holds mixed in with humiliating holds such as facesitting and foot chokes – both until submission. Venus is a natural when it comes to physical domination, and her love of being on top and inflicting punishment is palpable. However, the most humiliating thing for Andreas perhaps comes at the very end, during the post-match interview – when asked how much Venus actually tried in the wrestling part of the match to beat Andreas, she replies 30 to 40 percent.

MX-176 is one of the longest MX titles of this year, and a must-watch for anyone really, but especially fans who are into competitive intergender wrestling, where the female is both stronger, and light-years ahead of the male at everything related to fighting. Black Venus is one of the best wrestlers of the scene at the moment, and this match is a clear demonstration of that. No matter what Andreas tries, he cannot escape Venus’s limbs, as she methodically controls, immobilizes and crushes him between them, making it look easy.

Note: there’s an interesting ankle choke / facesit combination during the humiliation finish (photo #5) that is both painful and one of the most humiliating holds we’ve ever seen. It might have been used at Fight Pulse in the past, but Venus uses it in almost every match. And since it doesn’t have a name, we’re naming it “the Venus trap.”

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (reverse facesitting, then foot on face), humiliation finish (8 minutes), concluding interviews.

Preview photos from the wrestling part:

Preview photos from the humiliation finish:

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