MX-189: Tag Team Match – Black Venus & Sasha vs Andreas & Luke

MX-189 is our first ever attempt at a competitive, mixed, tag-team match, and features Black Venus (stats) and Sasha (stats) against the team of Andreas (stats) and Luke (stats) in a unique mixed wrestling extravaganza, a must-watch for all Fight Pulse fans!

There’s a lot we can say about this video, which is why it’s perhaps best not to say anything at all. This is a special video and all fans of mixed videos should see it. It is real, sometimes intense, sometimes hilarious, but always competitive, with planning and tactics, with all 4 competitors excited about the new tag-team format and doing their best to win.

As to the format itself, it turns out, it is difficult to make a competitive tag-team match. We went in thinking we have it all under control, and that couldn’t have been further from the truth. We had to implement new rules as the match went out. As a result, the first part of this match is quite chaotic. We have already filmed another competitive tag-team match with different competitors, which will be released in the near future, which went more smoothly, but there’s still work to be done. So, here are the current rules of the tag-team match:
– the action always take place one-on-one
– the loser of a round has to leave and his/her partner steps in for the next round
– the winner of a round can choose to stay, but can stay on the mats no longer than 2 rounds
– one can tag his/her partner in if they reach the border of the mats, and touch their partner with their foot or hand
– one’s partner can walk around the mats to get closer to him/her

The last 2 rules were a bit problematic and will probably change going forward – the resting partner will have a corner assigned, and will have limited movement as a result, and they can reach into the mats only a forearm length. We will also have to get a dedicated referee for the tag-team format going forward. Any thoughts on how to improve the ruleset are very welcome!

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (32 minutes), double victory pose (foot on chest, then on face), concluding interviews.

Preview photos:

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