MX-190: Sheena vs Luke (domination rules)

MX-190 Sheena (stats) vs Luke (stats) features an absolute, undeniable physical dominance of a female athlete over an average guy who is trying his best to fight back, via forced facesit smothering and brutal foot chokes, all in a competitive setting. This is one of the best videos in the competitive domination-rules genre we have ever filmed, and if you are a fan of powerful, skilled women controlling and dominating weaker men in real combat, you’re in for a treat, especially if you enjoy facesitting and foot domination.

Luke tries his heart out, but to no avail. Sheena owns the mats, as usual, leaving her male opponent without an answer when faced with the combination of her athleticism, power and world-class skillset. Sheena shows how one can facesit and foot choke a very determined person in a real match, round after round, scoring an outstanding number of 16 points within 20 minutes of wrestling, defeating Luke in all the ways one person can defeat another.

Luke is visibly shaken in the post-match interviews from the beating he was just delivered and mindlessly suggests that if there were a rematch, maybe he could have a chance to score a point in a standard-ruleset match (unlike in this match). He must have forgotten what happened last time he did this. Sheena laughs at him and replies that he can take any position to start, on top of her, or applying a submission hold, and she would still get him every time. And that’s exactly what happens next. Sheena lays down on the mats on her back and invites Luke to take any position he wants. Luke, while having second thoughts, still takes the chance and applies a cross-body pin, one of his favorite holds. Needless to say, Sheena embarrasses him quickly afterwards, making him tap rather soon, after which she lifts him onto her shoulder to top off his embarrassment.

Side-story: in the pre-match interview, having just seen Luke defeat a female opponent, Sheena says that she will avenge her loss. After the match, during the post-match interview, that wrestler thanks Sheena on camera.

MX-190 is one of this year’s best titles and a must-watch for fans of competitive, intense, but crushingly one-sided mixed wrestling.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), long victory pose (reverse facesitting, then foot on face), concluding interviews, 1 round of pins & submission style wrestling.

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