MX-204: Zoe vs Mike

Fight Pulse fan favorite, former lightweight champion, Zoe (stats), squares off against her biggest opponent at Fight Pulse yet, Mike (stats), in a competitive mixed wrestling match, and defeats him aggressively and handily.

Zoe dominates the unathletic heavyweight male with speed, ferocity, calculation, and in true Zoe-style, little compassion. She is often able to get on top of him during takedowns, straddling his neck and face forcefully until the count of 10, or squeezing his neck making him submit.

MX-204 is an example of a smaller, fit female dominating a bigger, slower male in real combat. Zoe is never in any real danger in this match, except maybe once, when Mike gets her into a bearhug, but is unable to force her to submit, after which an aggressive, fast-paced scramble takes place, which ends with Zoe sitting on Mike’s throat, at which point she says “this is your place.”

Zoe caps off her dominant performance with a spectacular, standing victory pose, which will delight all victory pose fans.

If you love real, competitive mixed wrestling where a smaller female dominates a bigger male, MX-204 is for you!

Stats: Zoe scores 13 unanswered points in this match, one more than Rage (stats) scored against Mike in MX-182, as well as Gloria (stats)’s score in MX-188 (12-1), but less than Lucrecia (stats)’s 18-0 in MX-191, or Sheena (stats)’s record score of 21-0 in MX-194.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face), concluding interviews.

Preview photos:

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