MX-217: Rage vs Luke II (handicap match)

It’s time! Can your favorite alpha female, Rage (stats), beat Luke (stats) with her wrists tied behind her back?

Our second ever handicap match features the lightweight champ, Rage, against Luke. The two are familiar with each other. Rage scored her first ever victory in a real mixed match 2 years prior to this encounter over Luke. The second time they met was in an escape challenge, when Rage had already become a killer, and things got much worse for Luke, who was unable to escape most of positions in the ruleset and Rage achieved a dominant victory.

Luke has improved since then, had a close fight with Virginia (stats) (MX-171), and even scored a victory this very day over Sasha (stats) in MX-212, a fragment of which you can see in the teaser video below. Luke has also learned from the first handicap match vs Axa Jay (stats), MX-148, how to fight against the legs, and claims to have a strategy going in.

Preview clip:

Rage’s mat prowess, flexibility, her will to victory and love of subjugation is known to all. It’s an uphill battle for Luke regardless of the huge handicap. Can he extend his winning streak to 2? Or will his confidence get smothered and dreams of another win shattered between Rage’s mighty, limber legs?

Click here to read more about this match (possible spoilers)

This long, spectacular mixed wrestling extravaganza is one of the best competitive titles of this year, and a must-watch for all fans of the genre.

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