MX-91: Lucrecia vs Tim Franz

In this spectacular competitive mixed wrestling title, our male guest, Tim Franz (stats), is pitted against a tough competition in the face of Fight Pulse fan favorite, Lucrecia (stats). Yes, Lucrecia is back on the mats of Fight Pulse after half a year of delay! And the result is without a doubt one of the best MX titles of this year.

Lucrecia’s love of wrestling, her genuine enthusiasm about winning a round, finally being able to pin or submit her opponent after a long and tough struggle (04:38 and 09:40 in this video are the more obvious examples), her devotion to the dominance / submission dynamic that comes with power play, is what makes her one of the best session wrestlers in Europe. It is also what makes this video so good, along with Tim Franz’s relentless attempts to score despite being clearly outmatched. If you are a fan of the concept of mixed wrestling, you need to see this.

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Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (tight reverse sgpin bicep flex, then foot on face, foot on neck, and more), concluding interviews.

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Jerry Fant
5 years 8 months ago

I am IN LOVE with Lucrecia’s super sexy legs and her super sexy bum bum and she has beautiful hair and a super smile! Don’t get fooled by her legs. They are much stronger than they appear!