NC-101: The Tale of Jane’s Stockings

While backstage, Viktor (stats) approaches Jane (stats), who is getting ready for the fight, and criticizes her stockings that she is putting on for their upcoming match. He is soon to find out how big of a mistake this was in a particularly painful manner. As they square off on the mats, Jane attacks by push-kicking Viktor in the chest while shouting “These are my favorite STOCKINGS!”.

Jane proceeds to pin, squeeze and humiliate her male opponent, often using her legs – calves and ankles to inflict pain and make him admit submission. She uses head and body scissors, schoolgirl pins, ankle chokes, facesitting submissions and more to subdue the young male. After she is satisfied with the punishment, Jane puts a foot on the exhausted prostrate Viktor’s neck, takes off one stocking and ties up his wrists with it, while trapping his head in a reverse headsit. “Now YOU can wear my favorite stockings,” Jane says, adding “but only for a while.” Jane then takes off her other stocking, briefly chokes him with it and caps off her complete victory by treading on her tied up opponent’s face.

Match outline: prologue, the match itself and tying up (14 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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3 years 4 months ago

Jane puts on a nice display of domination in this video! Despite being significantly smaller than Viktor, she is able to pin him down to the count of 10 and to force him to submit quite a few times. 😀 Now, I know that this is a non-competitive, female dominant style video, and that in a competitive match, it would be much tougher for Jane to defeat Viktor. But still, for a woman of Jane’s size to be able to make a larger, fit male like Viktor submit is still impressive. It shows how strong Jane is, especially her legs,… Read more »