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NC-14: Laila vs Marek

Laila’s mixed wrestling debut is packed with excellent head-clamping tight schoolgirl pins and various scissor holds. If you have watched FW-18, you are familiar with Laila’s ferocity and her always-apply-pressure attitude. This is a long (over 22 minutes of action) semi-competitive match, but a portion of it is full-on-competitive as we have tried to experiment with merging styles. It is fast paced, packed with sexy, dominant holds and pins. A great debut from a very promising wrestler against our most experienced male.

Victory pose fans will love the hardcore foot-on-face grinding and posing after the match. When asked during the post-match interview (the lost interview; please read the next paragraph) about the worst moment of the match, Marek said it is the victory pose.

Check out the list of tags at the bottom of the release for the holds used in this match.

Notes: First, there are no interviews in this title. Even though we did an interview after the match, we lost it during file transfer. Second, we would like you to know that the photoset lacks photos from the last 4 minutes of the match, including the victory pose photos. It happened due to a technical mistake as well.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself, victory pose (foot on face).

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