NC-173: Jenni Czech vs Karel

Jenni Czech (stats) is one of the women who have polished the onslaught style into what it is today. Her dominance in this, and every onslaught she’s ever had, is complete and undeniable. She always tests the pain threshold of her victims and keeps them there for her personal pleasure. This onslaught is one of her best and an absolute must-see for all fans of Jenni, as well as the complete female dominance that the onslaught style permits!

Painful long headscissor holds, tight schoolgirl pins, pubis chokes, lenghty foot domination holds, a brutal, lengthy hammerlock, verbal humiliation – Jenni makes sure that her victim remembers this encounter as the most painful and humiliating he’s ever been a part of.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (reverse schoolgirl pin, schoolgirl pin, then foot on face).

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