NC-224: Giselle’s Lethal Legs II

Modelesque Giselle (stats) willingly provides Duncan (stats) a memorable lesson of asphyxiation and pain between her toned, flexible legs.

NC-224 is the 6th part of the Lethal Legs series (following NC-109, NC-115, NC-134, NC-145 and NC-175).

At first, Giselle activates her weapons of male destruction aka legs with a nice stretch on the mats, while Duncan who’s observing her, feels his confidence leaving his body, making place for fear. When the match starts, Duncan soon ends up in Giselle’s bodyscissors and from this moment on it goes south for him. Giselle methodically applies her figure-4, reverse headscissors and triangles while spicing up this torture with armbars. Czech women certainly do know how to destroy a man – in this case without even breaking a sweat.

It’s very obvious that Duncan is just a sucker who must obey anytime when Giselle squeezes her long legs. Just before the agony carousel stops, Duncan experiences some of Giselle’s finest humiliation via foot domination and victory poses.

Match outline: stretching, the onslaught itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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