Zoe vs Frank - mixed wrestling domination

NC-44: Zoe vs Frank

This highly anticipated (76%) mixed wrestling title features Zoe (stats) in a very dominant performance against Frank (stats).

This is Zoe’s first onslaught match, and it’s a treat for Zoe’s fans. Boy, does she turn up the heat! She attacks Frank at will and ragdolls him throughout the match making him endure humiliating punishment, using her arsenal of wrestling holds, including vast amount of scissors and pins variations, foot chokes, as well as front and reverse facesitting smother-holds. Zoe doesn’t always release Frank upon his submission, making him tap multiple amount of times to some of the holds, only then to switch to another hold.

NC-44 definitely features Zoe in her most dominant. The way she ends the match will leave you speechless. After a string of facesit and tight sgpin submissions with multiple tapouts to the same hold, Zoe stands and puts her foot on exhausted Frank’s throat and holds his arms, forcing him to submit verbally, after which she plants her bare foot across his face, covering his mouth and nose, and strikes a victory pose.

If you enjoy Femdom in the context of mixed wrestling, this title is for you.

Match outline: the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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Dave Browne
7 years 4 months ago

Her legs are so much more muscular than his. Super sexy ….