NC-54: Giselle vs Vargas

Our latest mixed wrestling onslaught-style match features Giselle (stats) physically and verbally humiliating her male opponent, Vargas (stats).

We knew about Giselle’s aggression and love of dominance before. Nevertheless, this onslaught, and how naturally domination comes to Giselle, surprised us. Dear Subscribers, get ready to see some unmatched physical and verbal humiliation in this title! The dark side of Giselle comes out. And it’s beautiful!

As she is putting him through lengthy pindowns and scissorholds, Giselle humiliates her victim verbally non-stop. We have never seen such a thing before. Giselle literally does not stop talking to the captive male. Among a myriad degrading comments regarding his manhood, she calls him a “mommy’s boy”, “a bitch”, “a bug”, “a pussy”, and tells him that humiliating him is the best Christmas gift she could have.

After a foot-on-chest pin and standing foot choke submission, Giselle presses her foot down on her victim’s face for a long amount of time, making sure he does not forget this experience.

NC-54 features an incredibly dominant performance by Giselle for fans of Femdom in mixed wrestling.

Match outline: the match itself (22 minutes), long victory pose (foot on face).

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7 years 1 month ago

OK, this was an almost total letdown. I can see 3 reasons for this: The first is Vargas’ laughable overreactions. This is apparent from the first second and it never ends. I don’t have to say much about this, his reactions to Giselle’s (not painful) holds were so excessive and fake. It was definitely the worst part of the match. The second reason was Vargas not resisting at all, but most likely he was instructed not to. Even though he is stronger than her, he could at least make it a little harder for her, give her a little run… Read more »

Profile photo of mwd77
5 years 16 days ago

Njordin: I have written reviews (see below) for many of the videos I’ve purchased so far. And my goal is to write a review for every video that I have bought from this site, at some point, which is quite a lot of videos! But I agree with you that I hope more people will start writing reviews as well. They provide good feedback for the site and also it’s always nice to hear the viewpoint of others who have already purchased a video that I have not purchased for myself yet. And on a few of the videos I… Read more »

Profile photo of mwd77
5 years 8 months ago

In this video, Giselle dominates Vargas both physically and verbally. They are both close in height and age, and he is about 30 lbs. heavier than her, but she clearly controls the match from start to finish! It is clear that she likes to trash talk her opponent, as she calls him various names throughout the video. In fact, she calls Vargas nearly every name in the book, while she is putting him in different holds all during the match. Giselle calls him a bug, girly, a pussy, a princess, and says that he is boring, just to name a… Read more »