NC-86: Zoe vs Marek

This highly-anticipated (72%) mixed wrestling match features our lightweight fan favorite, Zoe (stats), in possibly her best domination video at Fight Pulse to date. And this is saying something, since her first onslaught-style video, NC-44, published only 8 months ago, is now our third best-selling title of all time.

Zoe visibly enjoys herself in this one-sided mixed wrestling encounter, forcing Marek (stats) to submit repeatedly to various submission holds, headscissors, neck-straddle chokes (pubis choke), foot chokes, pinning him down to the count of ten using humiliating holds such as high and tight schoolgirl pin, foot-on-chest pin, ankle-choke pin and even a foot on neck pin, while choking him at the same time.

In he second half of the video Zoe straddles Marek’s neck and applies a pubis choke, driving her pubic bone into his throat. While Marek starts to struggle and submit, Zoe rubs herself onto his throat, clearly enjoying the hold. In fact, she enjoys it so much that she comes back to it while victory posing over him, again applying a pubis choke and making Marek tap several times, all the while rubbing her crotch onto his chin, flexing her biceps, ordering Marek to look at her.

If you are a fan of female domination in the context of mixed wrestling, you should see NC-86. This is easily one of our best NC titles, featuring Zoe in her most dominant performance at Fight Pulse to date.

Match outline: the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then pubis choke, then chest treading).

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Profile photo of Charles
3 years 4 months ago

Zoe doesn’t have enough comments for how good, powerful and beauty she is as a wrestler on Fight Pulse.
This is definitely a match you dont want to miss for a one sided Zoe dominated match.