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Fight Pulse 10/Jan/2016 shoot

Dear Subscribers,

I would like to tell you briefly about our first shoot in 2016. Yesterday we filmed an array of amazing F/F matches with lightweight division warriors – Akela, Jane, Zoe, Katniss and Kristi. Every match was intensely competitive and featured some amazing holds, like Zoe’s reverse headlock and Jane’s unexpected headscissors with ankles crossed around her opponent’s thigh.

Side note: This was also our first shoot on increased mat size. The arena, previously 4x4m, is now 5x5m. The increase was made in order to decrease the necessity to stop and resume the matches from the centre, especially the most competitive and fast-paced ones, when opponents fall off the mats. It certainly helped. Although, I have to admit, not as much as we hoped to.

Jane, for the first time facing such challenging opponents, brought to her matches pace and aggression that we have rarely ever seen in the past. All three of the matches she had yesterday were very fast and incredibly action-packed. Both of her more experience opponents, Zoe and Akela, found a formidable foe in Jane, which came as a surprise to us as well, and said that they found it hard to believe this is only her third shoot. Akela is one of the most competitive people I have met, and this transfers to the mats in an absolute manner. If you have seen any of her competitive matches at Fight Pulse, you can attest to that she is not one that accepts losing as an option. Zoe, our current lightweight champion, is one of the most outstanding wrestlers of pins & submissions style we have met. This is the second time we are filming with her, and the second time we witness her amazing arsenal of wrestling holds, as well as her incredibly competitive nature and never-tap-out mentality. Katniss always puts our her best effort despite usually facing heavier opponents, being the second smallest wrestler at Fight Pulse at 52 kg. This was also the case yesterday. It is always a joy to film with Katniss and witness her flexibility and ability to escape from some holds that seem inescapable at first sight. Kristi is our newest wrestler, who joined Fight Pulse yesterday, and hence, we haven’t even introduced her to you yet. She had no previous combat training and we only had an hour to teach her some holds and escapes yesterday before the shoot. At first Kristi seemed timid, maybe due to her very kind nature and gentle manners, and not at all as the feisty wrestler type. But we were amazed by the fight that she found, and we all witnessed the discovery of, in herself, facing two powerful opponents in Jane and Akela. With the amount of effort she put out during her first shoot, Kristi immediately earned the respect of her fellow wrestlers, as well as the admiration of the production team. We are looking forward to watching her grow as a wrestler, and of course, doing our best to help her in her journey, if she decides this is what she wants to do.


Below you can find brief descriptions of the 6 matches that we filmed on 10th of January, 2016.

Akela vs Jane

Note: this match has already been released – FW-27: Akela vs Jane

With this match Jane completely changed our view of her as a wrestler. The pace with which she learns from her matches is something we have never witnessed, and I am saying this without exaggeration. It turns out, in only her third shoot with Fight Pulse, she can bring the fight to our best lightweight wrestlers, dictate the pace, and try and beat them. But Akela, of course, is not a pushover. What we supposed would be a more or less one-sided match, with Akela dominating her opponent most of the time, turned out to be an almost street-fight-paced incredibly intense and evenly competitive encounter. The pace and intensity was at the same level as our mini-championship final match, FW-21 Akela vs Zoe, one of our best-sellers. Some photos from this brutal match:

Jane vs Kristi

Note: this match has already been released – FW-28: Jane vs Kristi

We usually do not give new wrestlers aggressive and fast opponents in their first match, but it had to be done because of some last-minute changes in the schedule due to one wrestler calling in sick. Before the match one of the other wrestlers even approached us in private and advised us to change the schedule again, since Kristi, she said, will not be able to handle such pressure, but we decided to see Kristi in action, before making any decisions. It didn’t take long for Kristi to find the fight in herself that we didn’t see at first. A beautiful encounter that we were lucky to have set up and filmed. Couple of photos:

Akela vs Zoe (H2H contest)

Note: this match has already been released – HH-03: Akela vs Zoe

The original championship title match between the two fighters, FW-21, has quickly become a best-seller, and is a release we are proud of. We were right to predict that the absolute competitiveness exhibited in FW-21 would carry over if we did a head-to-head contest with Zoe and Akela. We will not tell you how it went, and you will have to wait for the release to see for yourself, and find out how each of the fighters did in our standard list of challenges. In the meantime, here are some photos:

Zoe vs Katniss

Note: this match has already been released – FW-29: Zoe vs Katniss

This was the second-highest-voted match that you, dear Subscribers, wanted to see us film, as per this poll, since it did not take place in the mini-championship. And here it is, even though with a slight delay. Fans of Speedos and one-piece bathing suits in wrestling will be delighted to find out that that is exactly what the two wrestlers are wearing in this encounter. Yes, your requests have not gone unnoticed. This is also Zoe’s first title defense. Photos below:

Zoe vs Jane

Note: this match has already been released – FW-30: Zoe vs Jane

This is Zoe’s second title defense and Jane’s attempt at becoming the lightweight champion. After filming Akela vs Jane we knew that change of champions in the lightweight division is not a far-fetched possibility. Jane is possibly faster than any of Fight Pulse wrestlers, in any division, female or male. And with that kind of speed comes the possibility to surprise even the more experienced opponents, such as Zoe. An intense and beautiful fight, definitely one of the best F/F fights we have filmed. Was Jane able to beat the champion? Well, stay tuned! Some photos from this beautiful match:

Akela vs Kristi

Kristi’s second wrestling match at Fight Pulse pits her against Akela, in another great lightweight encounter. In this match Kristi already starts displaying that she has learned lessons from her first fight with Jane. There is a decisive winner, but it is a fast action-packed match that we know you will enjoy. In the middle of the match one of Kristi’s fingernails broke, luckily, not from adeep, and after we attended the injury she decided to continue, with a bandaged finger, in spite of us telling her that she can quit. This was incredibly brave and a testament to her power of will. We are excited to have the opportunity to feature Kristi again in our shoots in the near future. Some photos from the match:

These are certainly some of the best matches, F/F or mixed, that we have ever filmed, and I am extremely excited to release them all within the next month. Stay tuned!

While we are at it, after reading the descriptions and seeing the photos, which of the 6 videos do you await and anticipate the release of the most? You can choose multiple options in the below poll:

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