FW-32: VeVe Lane vs Laila

VeVe Lane’s only female wrestling match during her recent visit to Fight Pulse was a match against our popular middleweight, Laila (stats).

Laila is one of the most competitive ladies we have ever worked with. She is a tough lady. Not only does she greatly enjoy wrestling, but she is also always looking for new challenges. That is the reason why, upon learning her credentials, she asked me to give her a chance with VeVe Lane. How could I say no? The match was on. VeVe and Laila exchanged smiles and shook each other’s hands as they squared off on the mats. After the staredown they tackled each other for the takedown. While Laila has no formal training and is relatively new to wrestling, she is physically very strong, and has a big weight advantage of 17 kg over her opponent. Even with that in mind we were still expecting a pretty one-sided match with a big score in VeVe’s favor. That all changed when after a minute or two of being choked in VeVe’s first triangle, Laila escaped. In our predictions we did not account for the tremendous heart that Laila has.

One of the best things about being a producer in this niche is witnessing such battles as they are occurring, filming them, and, of course, bringing them to you. It was an inspiring encounter. Not only the match, but also the sportswomanship displayed by the competitors, despite the very aggressive fight that just took place, as they hugged and raised each other’s arms for the photoshoot after the match, as well as the positive encouraging comments that they addressed to each other during the post-match interview. This is something you don’t often see even in world-championship level matches between professional female fighters. That is why it is especially rewarding to observe such behavior up close. This was a fight between two true warriors. Laila wrote to me the next day saying that VeVe has inspired her and she wants to be like VeVe one day.

If you are not yet a fan of VeVe Lane or Laila, it is likely that you will be after you see this title. FW-32 features a fantastic performance by VeVe Lane and display of tremendous heart by Laila. Look out for the moments when the latter escapes almost inescapable choke holds by sheer power of will, while barely breathing. VeVe Lane comments on these surprising moments and Laila’s toughness in post-match interviews.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes of action), victory pose (foot on stomach, foot on chest), final interviews.

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