MX-63: Axa Jay vs Andreas

Finally, here comes our first release with the amazing Axa Jay, who visited Fight Pulse in April. Blog post detailing her visit can be found here.

MX-63 is a competitive mixed wrestling match between Axa and Andreas, who are evenly matched physique-wise, with a slight weight advantage of the female wrestler. It started as a domination-rules match (foot-on-face or facesit pins or submissions only). It became clear from the onset, from the way she was able to control her opponent’s body and stay on top, that Axa is too good for Andreas. But Andreas has improved drastically since he signed up several months ago, especially in the defense department. For 11 minutes of grueling non-stop one-take action, Axa, while dominant throughout, was not able to facesit Andreas or keep her foot on his face to the count of 10. Each time Andreas would find a way to defend against the humiliating moves and even escape sometimes. Axa Jay grew increasingly frustrated with each failed attempt to score a point against the young man.

After 11 minutes we cut the action and changed the ruleset of the match to normal Fight Pulse pins & submissions rules. During the rule-change we asked the competitors what they think about the rule change. Axa said she couldn’t be happier. Andreas said it doesn’t matter, but now one of them will have a chance to score. This caught us by surprise. The fact that Andreas thought he could pin or submit Axa meant that he was not aware of the vast skill and strength difference between them, although they just wrestled. We asked him whether he really thinks he can score a point against Axa, and he said that everything is possible. Needless to say, this pumped up Axa Jay, as she turned to the camera and told us to cut the talking and start the wrestling, determined to show Andreas who he is really up against. Dear fans and visitors, this was one of the fastest rounds we have ever filmed, as within seconds Andreas was tapping in Axa’s bodyscissors. The look of astonishment on his face after the tap is an image to remember. This brief interview and wrestling is in the video, without any cuts, and there is absolutely no acting involved. As Axa unlocked her legs and let Andreas go she pointed her fingers at him and said “Ha”, stressing out that he was mistaken about her.

Of course, this was not the last time we saw Andreas’s surprised face. The second tap, the third tap – they all came very fast. Axa Jay started womanhandling Andreas like he has never been dominated before. Painful scissor holds, tight pins, breast-smother submission – Axa put on a wrestling clinic, now that she could. When we asked Axa whether it was accidental that she went mostly for submissions, rather than pins, she said no, and that she “wanted to make him pay for making her work very hard” in the domination-rules part of the match.

Watching this encounter it is obvious why Axa is one of the most popular and requested session wrestlers in the world. She is into it. Look out for the subtle smile on her face just before her opponent taps, as she realizes she’s got him, in anticipation of the submission. As we said in the blog post linked in the first paragraph, Axa is very passionate about wrestling. She loves outwrestling, overpowering, and surprising her opponents. This is very valuable.

The domination is completed with a beautiful facesit victory pose. As she straddles the exhausted male’s face Axa says, “I’m gonna sit on your face because I couldn’t do it during the match”. This is followed by a foot-on-face victory pose, which is followed by a reverse facesit.

MX-63 is without doubt one of the best mixed-wrestling titles we have ever released.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (11 minutes domination rules + 12 minutes normal pins & submissions rules), victory pose (front facesitting, foot on face, reverse facesitting), final interviews.

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