MX-71: Laila vs Fernando

In this highly-anticipated (66%) competitive mixed wrestling match, our middleweight star, Laila (stats), faces our youngest male wrestler, Fernando (stats).

Fernando goes into this match with a positive mixed wrestling record, in fact being the only male wrestler at Fight Pulse who has more wins than losses in competitive mixed wrestling match. He is young, strong and getting better with each match. However, this time he is facing one of our top wrestlers in Laila. Not only is Laila more experienced than him, but she also outweighs him, being a middleweight.

This match turns out to be a struggle for both, with long grueling rounds of back and forth action. However, one wrestler dominates the pace and ends up winning the fight decisively. If you would like to be unaware of the result, please read no further.

Laila is simply too good for Fernando. She is quicker, heavier and more skilled. While Fernando does a great job of defending against her attacks and even gets Laila in a couple of difficult situations, through hard work Laila emerges victorious round after round. This is a true competitive mixed wrestling match with the female overcoming the difficulties caused by a tough opponent, and eventually winning the match decisively.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (23 minutes), victory pose (sgpin, foot on chest, foot on face), final interviews.

Some stills from the video:

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4 years 7 months ago

I respectfully disagree to the previous reviewer :) ! Guys, do not be discouraged to buy this amazing match… It`s a great experience. Everybody who loves tight,sensual,sweaty,intense and exciting matches between a man and a woman that is really strooong with a crushing pressure fighting style (just like Vanessa,Zoe or Scarlett) will have a lot of fun with this. I really loved the chemistry between both contestants from the beginning to the end: Both seem to like each other and really dig the idea to battle each other in a grappling match. Both are having a lot of fun, even… Read more »

7 years 5 months ago

I bought and downloaded this match with high expectations, even though I’ve never seen Laila or Fernando before: Laila looks quite strong and Fernando, as far as I understood, has beaten evey other girl in competitive matches. Given all these, the match was kind of a let down. Fernando did not convience me that he was really trying (which makes the match not fully competitive) and if he did, he’s so bad I’m wondering how he beat the other girls, especially Akela. I understand that Laila was stronger so it was natural that she got the dominant positions, but at… Read more »