Amethyst vs Sky

Amethyst and Sky were here!

Dear Subscribers, many of you already know that Sky Storm and Amethyst Hammerfist visited Fight Pulse last week. If you somehow missed out on this, here’s a link to the original blog post announcing their visit and discussing their backgrounds: Incoming: Amethyst Hammerfist and Sky Storm.

While both ladies are new to session wrestling, there is no doubt that they will soon take over the scene with their attitude and personalities. Amethyst is every bit as feisty and passionate about wrestling as you would expect. Sky Storm is every bit as determined and competitive as we thought. Both wrestlers are very independent and very much love what they are doing.

The match between Amethyst Hammerfist and Sky Storm is one of our most heavily promoted competitive F/F encounters. Because of the buzz that it has caused and multiple requests from our customers, it will be released today, skipping the upcoming releases schedule completely. The release will include links to the poll and the verbal war mentioned by Amethyst and Sky respectively in the pre-shoot interviews embedded below.

We are embedding the pre-shoot interviews with both ladies and a final staredown:

Following are brief descriptions of the 9 matches we filmed during our 14-15/May shoot, 7 of them with our guests.

Amethyst Hammerfist vs Sky Storm

To be released: 20/May/2016
Note: this match has already been released – FW-37: Amethyst vs Sky

The wait is over! The match will be up today!

Sky Storm vs Frank

To be released: 13/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-35: Sky Storm vs Frank

Despite being much smaller, Sky Storm wrestles down and dominates her first mixed wrestling opponent at Fight Pulse.

Amethyst vs Frank

To be released: 30/Jul/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-32: Amethyst Hammerfist vs Frank

Amethyst (wo)manhandles Frank in this beautiful action-packed mixed wrestling match.

Sky Storm vs Fernando

To be released: 24/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-36: Sky Storm vs Fernando

While Sky has trouble with Fernando’s brute strength and defense in the beginning, it doesn’t take her long to figure him out and come out victorious in this intergender encounter.

Amethyst vs Fernando

To be released: 31/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-37: Amethyst Hammerfist vs Fernando

Amethyst puts on a wrestling clinic against the 19-year old guy, who is somewhat exhausted from the beating he received from Sky Storm.

Sky Storm dominates Marek

To be released: 03/Sep/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-38: Sky Storm dominates Marek

This is the only onslaught video we shot during the two days, and it is certainly one of the best we have ever shot. Dominance comes naturally to Sky. In fact, so much, that we found ourselves lost in the action, as it almost turned real. This title includes painful tight scissor holds, a lot of trampling, including full-weight headstanding, and foot worship.

Amethyst vs Calypso

To be released: 20/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – FW-46: Amethyst Hammerfist vs Calypso

Amethyst takes on our young newcomer, Calypso (stats), in this competitive female wrestling match.

Akela vs Gernot

To be released: 03/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-33: Akela vs Gernot

In this mixed wrestling title, our lightweight star, Akela (stats), faces a very experienced male wrestler, Gernot. This match includes a lot of jaw-crushing headscissors and Akela’s favorite tight schoolgirl pins.

ETH Calypso vs Marek

To be released: 07/Sep/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-39: Calypso vs Marek – escape challenge

This is our second “Escape This Hold” title. First was filmed with Jane and announced in this blog post. ETH consists of 12 immobilization challenges. One of the competitors has to hold her opponent in each of 12 pre-defined holds for one minute, within which the competitor being held has to escape. If there is no successful escape, the point for the challenge is awarded to the immobilizer, otherwise her opponent receives a point. The holds include but are not limited to schoolgirl pin, foot-scissors, gogoplata-pin, triangle-pin, one-foot victory-pose pin. After each successfully held hold a short victory pose is performed in the same hold. Just like ETH-01, this is a also non-competitive title.

Please go to our Upcoming Releases page and let us know by voting in the relevant polls which of these titles you anticipate the most. Update: last open poll was closed on 08/Sep/2016, since all videos listed above have now been released. You can view poll results on the Upcoming Releases Archive Page.

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